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Discover investment opportunities in real estate.

Buy blocks

Blocks represent ownership in each property.

Earn rental income

Owning blocks you'll earn monthly payouts.

Sell blocks

Sell your blocks anytime on the Opoly Marketplace.

Blockified property for everyone.

Opoly properties listed for sale are crowdfunded.

Each block always starts at $100.
Think of a block as a share in the property.

Sellers blockify their property.
Blocks represent units of ownership.

Opoly makes selling property painless while making property investing easy and accessible.


Blockified property for everyone.

Opoly properties listed for sale are crowdfunded by investors.

Each block always starts at $100.

Think of a block as a share in the property.

Sellers can blockify their property having blocks represent units of ownership.

Opoly makes selling property quick and easy while making property investing accessible to everyone.

It's time for a new way.

Buy and sell blocks instantly on the Opoly Marketplace.

We're making property investment accessible to all kiwis.

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Featured listings

Discover our range of featured properties below.

How you earn money.

Property Value

  • As property prices change so does the value of your Blocks.
  • Properties are revalued monthly so you can keep track of performance.
  • Realise any capital returns by selling Blocks.

Rental Income

  • Receive your share of any rent, after expenses, paid monthly.
  • We'll take care of the hassles of managing the properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.
What happens to properties once sold?

Properties sold are managed by third-party Opoly approved property managers. We work with a range of providers across regions to ensure the properties are tenanted and well maintained. Properties sold on Opoly become long-term, quality rental properties.

Who owns the property?

Opoly will incorporate subsidiary companies (SPVs), each of which will
identify a suitable residential property. Once a property is identified, the SPV will offer shares to investors under a crowdfunding campaign and, subject to the crowdfunding campaign raising sufficient investment, that SPV will then purchase the property. Investors will be able to obtain exposure to the risks and rewards of ownership of the underlying property through holding shares in the SPV subsidiary company. 

What happens if something goes wrong with the property?

If something in the property breaks it will be required to use some of the rental income to cover this cost. Each property also has a Cash Reserve for meeting any unexpected costs. If something that needs fixing exceeds these set aside funds then the rental income will be no longer paid monthly until the expense needing to be paid has been made

How much does it cost?

Our fees are simple and transparent:

Block Purchase Fee: 2.00%
This fee is paid upon completed sale of the property and is factored into the property listing price automatically.

Private Sale Success Fee: 2.00%
This fee paid by private sellers who successfully sell their property on Opoly.

Matching Fee: 1.00%
This fee is paid by both the buyer and seller of blocks on the Opoly Marketplace.

For more information visit:

What risks are involved?

Like with any forms of investing there are risks.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up.

Historical information, past performance, and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Gross rent, dividends, and capital growth may be lower than estimated.

By owning blocks across a range of investment properties you can spread your risk.

How can I make money?

You can earn returns on both the rental income and the capital gain.

To find out more about what both of these mean visit our earning returns section:

Crowdfunding makes
real estate investing
accessible to everyone.

With returns that can surpass 10% annually – having real estate in your portfolio is a game changer.

Still have questions? Visit our help centre.